Key Pinetown Certified

With Google being easily accessible to people at any given time, looking up information on a vehicle you’re interested in buying is instantaneous. What happens when this information is based on opinion and personal experiences, rather than factual data? Let’s look at why you should take online reviews with a grain of salt.

When looking for a used car, the first thought in your mind should be “What will I be using this vehicle for?”. From here you’ll have a clear picture of which features to look out for, rather than making your final decision based purely on aesthetics (if you are just looking for a car based on looks alone, then that’s alright too)

Step 2 should be to do a test drive as soon as possible. Advertisers may wax lyrical about a vehicle and lure you in with promises of an incredible driving experience, but when you actually get behind the wheel you’ll notice subtle squeaking and pinging noises (which they’ve conveniently forgot to mention in their write-up). Make sure you take the car around and check that you’re happy with all its little nuances before putting your money on the table.

Lastly, be aware of where positive and negative reviews of the vehicle are coming from. One bad experience with a vehicle can sully a past owner’s perception of an entire brand, making them focus solely on the negative. On the other side of the coin, a dealership is tasked with making their vehicles sound as attractive as possible and will often over-inflate the positives and mask the negatives.

In closing, it’s best to visit a handful of different sources and look for common pros and cons to base your decision off of. Sometimes the best course of action is to put the phone away and visit a reputable dealership who will guide you through the journey of choosing the best pre-owned car for your specific requirements.

Key Certified is just that dealership. With over 50 years in the industry, we are here for you every step of the way. See our lastest pre-owned vehciles online here.