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Prepping your vehicle for those long road trips

Ready to hit the road again? Before you embark on your journey, check out these 9 tips we’ve put together to ensure both your journey and arrival at the destination go off without a hitch.

  1. Check your tyres (including the spare) for their age and condition, and fill pressure in them if need be.
  2. Check if your car jack is in working order and buy a new one if there’s anything that looks faulty or damaged
  3. Have an emergency roadside kit ready. This kit includes things like a: hazard triangle; torch; power bank for your phone; and reflective vest.
  4. Are your jumper cables still in working condition and easy to reach?
  5. Are there any significant leaks underneath your vehicle?
  6. Inspect all fluid levels (a garage should be able to help you here) including your: oil; water; washer fluid; and coolant.
  7. Are your windscreen wipers in good condition and working correctly?
  8. Is your license disc valid and visible?
  9. Check that all of your vehicle’s lights are working

In addition to ensuring that your car is serviced regularly, it is also good practice to do these checks yourself from time to time. Or why not let Key Pinetown’s expert servicing team take a look at your vehicle for you instead?

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