Key Pinetown Isuzu

As of November 2022, Isuzu Motors South Africa is making commercial vehicle acquisition more accessible for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With the aim of getting more small/medium businesses to become active participants in the economy, they’ve opened up their Ready To Work line-up of trucks to this market.

In order to qualify, small/medium businesses must have a proven track record and pass a revised credit check process. Once qualified, they have the option of a rental agreement off their balance sheet. This means their truck rental/s can be written off as a monthly expense and not an asset on their books.

The rental truck programme, formed in partnership with Isuzu Finance, provides peace of mind as ownership rests with the bank, and qualifying small businesses pay a monthly rental based on the selected truck, application, and period of the rental. Businesses can choose between a minimum of 36 months and a maximum of 60 months.

The Isuzu Truck Rental Programme allows customers to go through a different credit checking process that focuses on a business’s contracts and revenue streams.

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