Isuzu Key Pinetown

With a choice of a 1.9- or 3.0-litre turbo-charged diesel engine under the hood, Isuzu D-Max Extended Cab bakkies boast more than enough power to conquer mountain passes and urban jungles. Whether your next BOLD adventure is a weekend off-roading, a road-tripping family holiday or navigating school drop-off and pick-up, an Isuzu D-Max Extended Cab will take you there.

Choose your Extended Cab

The D-Max Extended Cab range offers six new models built to conquer whatever the wilderness or urban jungle throws your way. Each bakkie is forged from decades’ experience manufacturing locally-engineered performance vehicles which deliver durability, reliability, and capability.

Unparalleled off-road performance

Featuring exceptional all-terrain tyres that provide excellent performance on terrains like tar or gravel, D-Max Extended Cabs are also fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for additional traction control for managing slippery road surfaces.

The 3.0-litre Ddi engine has been optimised for more torque at lower engine speeds, superior pull-off and acceleration, significantly reduced noise levels, and optimised fuel consumption.

Isuzu Key Pinetown
With the D-Max Extended Cab’s wading depth of 800mm, water crossings are a breeze.

Advanced automotive tech

The Isuzu Infotainment System in the D-Max Extended Cab LSE models comes with a 7-inch high definition WXGA display, technology usually seen in wide-screen LCD TVs and projectors.

The full functionality of your smart phone, including navigation, integrates into the Infotainment System, thanks to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility. Access to system features is guaranteed with continuous connectivity delivered by in-vehicle Wi-Fi.

Isuzu Key Pinetown
The D-Max Extended Cab range keeps drivers and passengers connected, entertained and safe.

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