Exploring the new Opel Grandland

With a bold new design, iconic Vizor, and refreshed interior – there’s nothing “typical” about the new Opel Grandland. Key Pinetown recently took a look at this grand SUV to provide insights and a glimpse at what this means for the market.

Key Pinetown Opel


From the urban jungle to the serene countryside, go in the SUV which makes a statement. Featuring Opel’s iconic Vizor and bold, pure new design language the new Opel Grandland brings together striking design, powerful yet refined performance and innovative technology. You’ll look forward to taking the Grandland out every time.

Key Pinetown Opel
Key Pinetown Opel


The new Grandland features Opel’s all-digital Pure Panel, along with a brand-new interior design and Ergonomic Active Fronts Seats. Opel Grandland drivers are surprised at how fast journeys fly-by due to the level of comfort they experience while driving.


Whether your preferred driving experience calls for power, economy or refinement - the Grandland is ready to deliver. Cutting-edge Active Drive Assistance (ADA) systems such as self-adapting IntelliLux LED® Pixel Lights give you unparalleled control of the road. Its powerfully efficient, low-friction engine provides ultra-smooth performance combined with responsively sporty handling and dynamic 6-speed automatic transmission for an exhilarating drive.

Key Pinetown Opel

In conclusion, the new Grandland is an SUV which makes a “grand” statement everywhere you go and stands out in the crowd. If you’re looking for a powerful drive with uncompromised quality in both exterior and interior – then the Grandland is the SUV you want right now.

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