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Are you aware of the importance of knowing your vehicles’ recommended fuel type? In order to perform at optimum levels, it’s essential to either consult the vehicle’s manual or the dealership you’ll be purchasing from.

Types of petrol available to motorists

Petrol is based on different octane ratings and it’s important to know these differences. The octane rating is a measure of the fuel’s ability to resist *knocking during combustion.

*Knocking is a high-temperature chemical reaction between fuel and an oxidant.

The standard types of petrol available in South Africa are Octane 93 and 95. These ratings are determined by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) and the higher the octane rating, the more the fuel can withstand pressure. Octane 93 can withstand less compression pressure before it ignites in comparison to Octane 95.

Octane 93 is the standard fuel for inland areas as the atmospheric pressure is much lower in inland areas compared to the coast.

Which vehicles need what fuel?

Vehicles which have more advanced engines (ie. with supercharging or turbocharging) should use higher octane fuel. Doing so helps these engines to improve fuel economy and performance in the long run.

On the flipside, using a low rated fuel in these vehicles can cause damage to the engine and emissions control system of the vehicle, which may decrease the fuel economy of the car over time (amongst a slew of other complications)

As a general rule, most cars can function efficiently on Octane 93 fuel.

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