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Ensuring You Service Your Vehicle on Time to Avoid Warranty Complications

All new vehicle’s service intervals are described as being “in x km” or “after x months”. Despite sales executives attempts to communicate a vehicle’s service intervals on delivery to customers, many owners are still unaware of how these interval conditions work.

Let’s say for example, you’ve been advised that your new vehicle has service intervals of either 15,000 km or 12 months. Basically, what this means is that once one of these conditions are met, your vehicle is then eligible for a service.

Using the service intervals mentioned above, let’s assume you’ve purchased your new vehicle in January. See below for examples of the 2 service interval conditions:

1.) You’ve reached 15,000 km by August (of the same year):

Your car is now eligible for a service.

2.) You’ve only reached 10,000 km by December (of the same year):

Even though the advised mileage hasn’t been incurred, your car is still eligible for a service.

Whichever of these two scenarios occur first, your vehicle’s service interval clock effectively gets reset. After your first service, your vehicle’s second servicing takes place following the same methodology (ie. after 15,000 km or 12 months).

Ensuring that you service and maintain your vehicle according to the OEM specification will always have a positive effect when trading in your vehicle. If not maintained, the vehicle’s warranty may be voided by the OEM, which could have a significant effect on the value of your car when you attempt to sell it.

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