Do you know the difference between a minor and a major car service​?

Key Pinetown

Are you aware of the differences between major and minor car services, and why it is so important not to miss your services? Key Pinetown digs deeper to find out why.

Firstly, the main difference between the two types of services is the amount of time and parts required. Determining when it’s time for either depends on how many kilometres your car is sitting at.

When to service your car varies between manufacturers, but as a general guideline, minor car services are usually carried out every 10 000 - 15 000 kilometres, and major car services at around 30 000 - 45 000 kilometres. (Consult your car manual to confirm the specific servicing requirements for your vehicle.) Most modern cars have a service light on the dashboard that lets you know when a service is due.

Minor services will typically include:

A comprehensive vehicle system and diagnostics check

Oil and oil filter change

Checking all fluid levels

Filter conditions

Checking tubes and hoses for leaks

Fan belt and brake pad inspection

Checking all lights and tyre pressure

A major car service is the most comprehensive type of car service, and will include:

A full inspection of the vehicle

Checking the outside of the vehicle, hinges and latches, and the timing belt

Checking spark plugs and filters

Replacing transmission and differential oils

Measuring brake and clutch fluid levels

Replacing wheel bearing grease if necessary

Your vehicle consists of complex systems that need regular maintenance to keep it in a good roadworthy condition. When you service your car as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, you minimise the risk of breaking down and incurring unexpected repair bills. If you miss out on any services, your car’s warranty may become invalid. Therefor it’s important to be vigilant of the recommended time frame or kilometres between car services.

Making sure that your car gets serviced regularly and on time will keep your car running smoothly and improve its fuel efficiency. Booking your service online with Key Pinetown only takes a few minutes, and is easily done by visiting us here.