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7 Tips to Retain Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value

Imagine that you’re in the market to buy a pre-owned vehicle. Wouldn’t you look at the cars which were most taken care of by their previous owner first?

If you’re looking to trade in your vehicle in the future, here are 7 tips to ensure that you retain the value and get your money’s worth.

1. Service history

When trade-in day comes, making sure you service your car on time and at an approved dealership will make a big difference. Keep your paperwork in order, even if it’s just repairs for a minor scratch.

2. Interior matters

Taking care of your interior will go a long way in retaining your car’s value on trade-in day. Simple things like keeping your car waste-free and not smoking, will be highly beneficial to the value.

3. Do your research on age/mileage

In order to get the best price for your car, make sure you trade it in at the optimum age/mileage. Research online to determine which vehicles retain their value for long periods, and which offer the best value if traded in just a few years after purchase.

4. Don’t ignore minor repairs

Seemingly innocent bumps and nicks can be a headache to get sorted out, but left unattended can often lead to bigger issues like rust and wear-and-tear. Prevention is better than cure. Nip these issues in the bud by getting them sorted out as soon as they arise, and your value won’t take a knock later on.

5. Engine health

Owners who drive recklessly often have a hard time getting a good deal on their vehicle because their car’s engine is so worn. Regular engine maintenance and smooth driving will ensure your trade-in is as streamlined as possible.

6. First impressions count

Dealers pay attention to your car’s appearance just as much as it’s technical aspects. A visit to the car wash, or even getting a fresh set of tyres fitted, may influence the overall value of your vehicle on evaluation day.

7. Leave it to the pros

Trying to fix problems on your car yourself may make financial sense at the time - but could hurt your vehicle’s value in the long run. You’d be better off forking out payments to a professional and having a paper trail, rather than trying to justify why your DIY fixes are “good enough” and expecting buyers to simply “trust” your handy work.

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