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With so many family vehicle options to choose from, making a quick decision seems unlikely in today’s market. Thankfully the experts at Key Pinetown are here to make the process smoother, with our 5 tips to consider when purchasing a family car in 2023.

1. Consider your budget

A family should set a budget with an understanding of how much they want to spend on a vehicle, as there’s an insurance payment, repairs and maintenance, fuel, and other costs to consider.

There are many online resources to help you with figuring out these costs, including Nedbank’s budget calculator ( Consumer Reports can also tell you the average annual cost for fuel.

2. Make a list of your needs and wants from a car

Car shopping can feel overwhelming. With so many options, brands, models, and safety features available, making heads or tails on where to start can be hard. Sit down and really consider what you need out of your next car, rather than deciding which specific vehicle you want.

Consider key elements such as: how many seats you need; what safety features are important to you; which comfort add-ons would make your life easier; how much space you need; and more. You can rank your needs and wants, creating a prioritized list that will help you narrow down the models that actually meet your needs.

3. Do your research

Once you've settled on what you need and your budget, you can start researching the vehicles that match your family's needs. This includes doing a deep dive online of future fuel and repair costs for the vehicles you're considering.

Compare trim levels, prices, and more – so that when you walk into a dealership, the salesperson will only address need to address any last-minute questions that you have. Your research should have already covered all the essential information of the vechile/s.

4. The perfect family car today might not be perfect in five years

How long you intend to keep your car is important to keep in mind. If you're a family vehicle shopper that wants to buy and hold a vehicle for its lifespan, it’s advisable to consider the future and if this vehicle will meet your family’s needs in the next 5 or more years.

For example, not all third-row seating is spacious, and some third rows are too cramped for adults and growing teens. Storage space is another consideration. If you have an infant or toddler, you may need less trunk space than you'd need as they grow and play sports.

5. Test drive with your kids

Before signing on the dotted line, a 15-20 minute test drive with your family is highly recommended. While a car may look perfect on paper, there can sometimes be a world of difference when test driving the vehicle.

In today’s market, you may not be able to test drive the exact colour and trim that you’re interested in buying. That being said, you'll still get a good feel for the size, space, and drive just by driving a model from the same (or a comparable) year.

If you spent 2022 waiting for the perfect time to buy your next car, you might be shaking your head frustrated that none of the expert predictions for more inventory materialized. Let Key Pinetown make your buying journey easier than ever with our years of industry experience and expertise.

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