Key Pinetown

Are you looking to keep your car going for years to come? Key Pinetown provides 5 simple car care tips to ensure your vehicle stays on the road longer.

1. Read the owner’s manual and schedule maintenance accordingly

Keep your owner’s manual at arm’s length. Avoid costly issues with your cooling system, drivetrain, suspension and other components by sticking to the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Use only high-quality oil and fluids to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

2. Battery Check

While most car batteries can last for more than 3 years, just like any other part you’ll need to replace it eventually. If you have difficulty starting the engine, this could be the first sign that you need a new battery.

3. Ensuring Good Visibility

Taking care of windshield wipers is one of the most overlooked car maintenance tips there is. Wiper blades should be changed every 12 months or when the rubber wears out. The wiper fluid reservoir should also be checked and kept full.

4. Check the fluids

In addition to checking oil filters and levels, it’s also important to ensure that your vehicle’s other fluids are in order. Doing so can help detect and prevent leaks from happening which can be potentially damaging to your car.

Be sure to check the following fluid levels frequently: antifreeze; oil; transmission fluid; power steering fluid; and brake fluid.

5. Brake Pads

Keep an eye on the thickness of your brake pads to ensure they are in good working order. Your brake rotors (discs) and possibly even your callipers will suffer damage as a result of running thin brake pads. Pads are relatively inexpensive to replace compared to rotors and callipers.

Want to remove the stress of checking your cars well-being by yourself? Key Pinetown’s excellent service team are waiting to take a look at your vehicle. Find out more here.