Isuzu Key Pinetown

Since 1937, the Isuzu brand has been unmistakably linked to passion, precision and performance. With vehicles built for those who want to explore and discover new places, Isuzu’s great features and capabilities will get you wherever you want to go.

Let’s focus on the D-Max, and 5 reasons why you should consider it for your next adventure.

1. Rugged and Reliable

The D-Max Double Cab bakkie is forged from decades’ experience manufacturing locally-engineered bakkies that deliver durability, reliability, and capability. The powerful engine provides plenty of torque for climbing hills and towing heavy loads, combined with a strong body frame and suspension system that can handle rough terrain.

Isuzu Key Pinetown

2. Comfortable and Spacious

The D-Max comes equipped with smart, sophisticated cabins and luxury ambience which you’d expect from a high-end passenger car, rather than a bakkie. Providing ample legroom and a large cargo area, the D-Max is able to accommodate everything from camping gear to groceries.

3. Affordable

Compared to its competitors, the D-Max boasts a slew of high-end features for a much more cost-effective price point. Overall, it’s a solid buying choice for anyone in the market for a reliable vehicle to tackle rugged outdooring.

4. Low emissions

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bakkie which can be both eco-friendly and provide powerful performance on and off the road. The D-Max proves that low emissions can go hand-in-hand with a smooth ride and excellent fuel economy.

Isuzu Key Pinetown

5. 5-Star Safety Rating

The D-Max’s 5-star rating shows that it has met strict standards for safety. What makes the D-Max’s safety rating truly stand out, is its ability to communicates driver-critical detail to the driver by means of the Infotainment System. This minimises the need of drivers turning their head to perform regular safety checks.

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