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5 Practical Fuel-Saving Tips

Looking to save a little more money on petrol this month? While there is no hard and fast rule to lowering fuel expenditure, there are some things which may help. Try the following 7 tips and see which ones work the best for you.

1.) Maximise your vehicle’s aerodynamics

Only use roof racks and similar accessories on your car’s exterior when you absolutely need to. Items like roof racks, paired with open windows, may affect your vehicle’s aerodynamics which means more drag, and more demand for petrol consumption.

2.) Use GPS software more often

With today’s technology, you’re able to see exactly where obstructions on the road are which could extend the length of your trip, thus burning more fuel. In addition to this, apps like Google Maps and Waze can suggest 2-3 alternate routes which may help you get your destination faster.

3.) Check your tyre pressure

Did you know that driving around with low tyre pressure can contribute to higher fuel consumption? Check your tyre pressure regularly to ensure you’re driving at the recommended levels.

4.) Monitor your aircon usage

Only use your aircon when absolutely necessary, as the vehicle’s engine begins to take strain with longer usage times. Instead, opt for opening your windows when driving at low speeds (high speeds may cause too much drag and negatively impact fuel consumption)

5.) Make sure you’re meeting all your services

Servicing your vehicle at the appropriate intervals allows for better engine maintenance, which is essential to both your vehicle’s longevity and fuel consumption.

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